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by Cale David Reed

Individuals who are apathetic, lack concern for the world around them. In a republic, a system that requires participation from its citizens, apathy is an enemy. These days, indifference to the system has led to dire consequences.

After the 2000 presidential election, there was great talk of voter apathy. Despite low voter turnout, which is usual, the post-election weeks turned chaotic, most Americans had an opinion. So do citizens not usually concern themselves with politics? Americans have become increasingly selfish; until an issue directly affects them, they see no reason to get involved. They are incapable of looking ahead toward the future.

In reality, voting has become useless. We are no longer in control of our own nation, those that believe so are are naïve. There is a diabolical force in play that seeks to impose its will on the whole of society. What force can be so powerful, as to shape public opinion so greatly to render in hegemonic? The answer to that is the Jewish media. To control the media allows the ability to present potential candidates for election. Once that is accomplished, less desirable candidates can be demonized, weeded out so to speak. In turn, the Jews are able to choose who is heard on television, and instill a belief in who will win (or which one of two will win). It is all a quid pro quo system: politicians get a spot on the ballot, the media gains influence in Washington. Unfortunately, the American people are willing accept what is given to them. Thus, in turn, the American people are controlled by a small minority of wealthy individuals, influenced by special interest, Jewish interest, money and what the media might say about them.

We cannot allow the systematic destruction of our nation. Willingness to accept corruption is repulsive. Those who do quite simply, could care less. This is all too reminiscent of George Orwell’s book 1984. Anyone who wants to learn a little about brainwashing, and oppression by the government might find this book interesting. In it, Orwell creates a society completely under control of one dictatorial leftist regime. This government uses tactics of “vaporizing”, ridding its society of political dissidents, and pretending they never existed. Anyone, even under the suspicion of unorthodox thoughts, beliefs, and even expressions, put themselves at risk of being disposed of in such a way. I feel this book is important to the understanding of apathy in society, simply because Orwell thoroughly reproduces peoples’ willingness to be oppressed, and how they are so easily influenced.

In a republic, citizens not only have the right to choose their leaders, but as expressed in our own Declaration of Independence, that if any government becomes destructive of its peoples rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”. Is not our governments backing of the Zionist Occupation State in Palestine a risk that endangers the right to life for innocent Americans? I know of about six thousand individuals who were denied that right on September 11th, a direct result of our government’s overseas policies. Even before that, what of the state sanctioned murder of men, women and children at the Branch Davidian Church in Waco, Texas, or of Randy Weaver's family in Ruby Ridge? What about the loss of liberty? Talk of legislation against “thoughtcrime” for what is termed “hate propaganda” conjure up visions of an Orwellian society. In the future, the government will likely use force against its citizens to impose its will if need be. Think of the fact that all newly purchased guns have to be registered. It does not take a genius to figure out that this is the first step in abolishing the right to bear arms, knowing who has them; that’s what happened in Great Britain and Australia! How will we perform our duty to replace a government that becomes oppressive and tyrannical when we have no ability? That’s what gun legislation is all about, not street crime or gang violence. Will we, in a society that has methodically lost its most precious of freedoms, that of which so many fought and died for in the past, be happy?

The sad fact is Americans will continue their indifference to the corruption of our republican system. They will continue to lack concern for their future, of the world their children will live in. Terrorism in this country will continue. Such acts are in direct correlation with the policies implemented by our own government overseas, especially that dealing with Palestine. Their continued lying about what caused the incident of September 11th is tantamount to treason. Now there is talk of expanding the war to Iraq and beyond, these would not be to protect America, but to defend the Zionist State in Palestine. A continued war on terrorism, after Osama bin Laden is dealt with will not be for American interests. It will undermine the safety and well-being of Americans around the country. But we continue to accept this corruption. Just like In Orwell’s 1984, we are more willing than we believe to accept tyranny.

The belief that we live in a democracy is an allusion. If America and the ideal of liberty are to continue to survive, we must come to realize that from time to time in the course of history, it becomes necessary for a people to rise up against its leadership to ensure the continued rights and liberties of the people. One day that time will come again. When a government becomes so corrupted and so influenced by outside forces, it can no longer be voted out, it must forced out. To defend our country, Americans must overcome apathy. Our fellow citizens have grown weak, unwilling to commit themselves, unwilling to take risks. This great nation was not founded by the weak, its founders were not afraid to cry out and use force to stop an oppressor. They were willing to fight and even die so as to ensure their posterity of a greater future. Today, we, because of our culture, think life should be easier, that things should be handed to us, if not, we wont care enough to work for it. It is that kind of indifference that will lead to our downfall.

America will loose if its citizens continue their apathy. It is time we start caring. It is time we start telling our friends to “wake up” to what is going on and how it really does effect them. If we start caring and stop being coerced into what the Jewish media tells us, we can fight them, and we will be strong enough to win. Apathy cannot be tolerated if America and all it stands for is to be triumphant!