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1. We must accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior: There are no Gods before the Almighty Creator. His son is the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who is Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, the King of Kings.

2. We must preserve the White Race: After two World Wars, the lowering of our people's birthrate to far below its replacement level, and miscegenation, the very existence of the White European Race is threatened. Everything must be done to ensure its survival. This should be a top priority of everyone because it is so vitally important. By ensuring that our race continues, we are defending the handiwork of the Lord.

3. America’s sovereignty must not be compromised: America is a sovereign state. It must not be used by outside forces for their own benefit. Many of the government’s foolish foreign policies undermine our own well-being, these should be eliminated. Failing to defend America against threats to its sovereignty is tantamount to treason.

4. The Jews’ grip on America must be ended: For a century Jews have been holding an ever-increasingly firm grip on America’s media and political system. This influence is damaging our culture and threatening our people. It is time that we stop tolerating their activities. They use America only to increase their wealth and power. It is time that we liberate America from this corrupt and dangerous system.

5. We must stand against Communism, Zionism and other Jewish supremicist movements: The Jewish movements of communism and zionism are evil. Communism in our own country is still an ever-present threat under the guise of egalitarianism. Zionism is a terrorist movement, support of which jeopardizes America’s well-being. Any support for such Jewish movements cannot be tolerated.

6. Enforce separation of the races: God did not intend for the Races to mix; nor did he create the mongrel. Segregation was a law handed down by Almighty God himself. America is a White nation and should be ruled by Whites. If we really want to help the Negro, whose ancestors were not here by choice, then we should help them build a nation in Africa where they can live happily with their own people.

7. End all non-White immigration: America’s racial make-up and cultural identity are being threatened by a huge influx of non-white immigrants. To ensure the preservation of our people and its culture, all non-white immigration must be stopped.

8. Restore America to Cultural and Moral Health: America’s morality and culture has rapidly deteriorated in recent years. Much of this is encouraged through the Jewish media. Youth are much more susceptible to this than adults, but still grow up with the same lack of values. Our culture is being replaced by Negro culture and the “diversity” doctrine; popular music, art, and attitudes are becoming degenerate. Our morality is being replaced by egalitarianism and liberalism. We need a renaissance of Aryan morality and culture in America.

9. Emphasize White Unity: We should not be afraid to take pride in our heritage. Our people span many parts of the globe: Europe, Russia, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, and elsewhere. We all are descended from the ancient Indo-European tribe, and mustn’t forget we are all one people. We are stronger when we stay together.

10. Protect America’s Environment and Farmland: Too oftentimes money wins over the environment. Destruction of wild habitats endangers fragile eco-systems. Deadly toxins released into the atmosphere threaten the health of all of us. Urban sprawl is also a threat, not only to the environment, but also to our nation’s farmland. America has become too urbanized and more dispersed. This is due to populations leaving the inner cities. If the cities were improved, they may be encouraged to stay, thus keeping urban sprawl in check.