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Will hate-crime laws make you a criminal?

The leftist experiment of multiculturalism and pluralism is rolling full steam ahead. With it, have come the erosion of the once hegemonic European culture, the deterioration of America’s western identity, and defiance of the Almighty Creator.

Now, many “old-time” conservative whites, having been ostracized from mainstream politics, have been categorized as bigots, and in some cases even as “racists” for beliefs that were once commonplace. Ultra-left lobbyists see these “right-wing extremists” as a danger to our “values” and superlatively “evil”. Extreme liberal lawmakers have been contemplating suppression of these people’s views for years. New laws against free speech could soon be coming way under the guise of hate-crime laws. Such laws, which have traditionally been superfluous statutes that target crimes of violence against minorities, may soon be broadened to include so-called “hate-speech”. Now, public expression of politically incorrect opinions could soon be illegal!

America may have a long history of freedom of speech, but that right is not widespread amongst western states. Many supposedly free and democratic governments in the western world are repressive of dissenting opinion. In Germany, literature that is deemed ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Semitic’ is banned. In fact, hundreds of German citizens sit in prison cells for publicly expressing “extreme right” or “pro-nazi” views. In the socialist state of Sweden, an evangelical minister was jailed for stating his belief that God does not approve of homosexuality. Even in Canada, two ministers were jailed for questioning weather an entire six million Jews died during the holocaust, since it caused Jews “mental anguish”.

Is this a trend that could soon wash ashore in the United States? It is certainly possible that hate laws could soon be used to criminalize many law-abiding citizens. The Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990 includes “intimidation” as a hate crime, and a new law could greatly increase the government’s power in enforcing that definition. The ultra-left Anti Defamation League has lobbied for “anti-hate” laws for years. These enemies of free speech helped design America’s newest “anti-hate” bill, the “Local Law Enforcement Enhancement act of 2001” (S625/HR1343). If passed, S625 will create an “anti-hate bureaucracy” to aid states in combating so-called “hate-crimes”. Grants would be awarded once states present evidence that “hate-crime” is a problem, in turn encouraging liberal judges to greatly broaden the term “intimidation”. S625 could ultimately lead to some of the most oppressive laws in America since the reign of George III and nullify the first amendment.

Most certainly there will be a double standard. Jews, communists, feminists, and homosexuals are not typically viewed as groups that hate. Racial minorities are not seen as problem groups that commit hate crimes. These laws are intended to target “old-time” conservatives and so-called “right-wing extremists”.

How far will it go? To me, imprisoning people for their ideas conjures up images of an Orwellian society. We must not let the Jews at the ADL or ultra-liberal tyrants in Congress take away our freedoms! As Americans, as a nation that has historically valued the freedom of speech as a freedom of the highest order, we must not stand in favor of such oppression. It is my solid belief that the Lord is with us in fighting tyranny, and ultimately tyranny, like death shall be swallowed up in victory! We’ve fought many wars, and sacrificed many men for our freedoms; we must never surrender them!