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by Cale David Reed

After the terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, President Bush quickly warned that they will be brought to justice. I suppose that sounds reasonable, but consider this: Mr. Bush refers to these attacks as “unprovoked”. In fact, he may have used that term more times then he used “fuzzy math” during his election campaign. I beg to differ; these attacks were very much provoked by the Jews and their sympathizers in our political system whose interests undermine our own well-being. Our nation has been attacked, rather than changing the policies that caused it, policies that should not have been their even had we not been attacked, they use it as an excuse for military action against governments that fail to conform with the New World Order. Now, we fight the Jews' wars!

Jewish foreign policy has caused many problems in the Middle East. Look at Iraq. About two million Iraqi children have died as a result of a blockade imposed against the nation because of demand by Madeline Albright during the Clinton administration. Albright calls the deaths as result of the embargo “acceptable”. The United States military has continuously been enforcing the so-called “no-fly zone” over the vast majority of that nation’s interior. When they fail to cooperate with any intrusion on their sovereignty, our nation’s military might is implemented and the bombing of their capital is quickly ordered. As a result of American intrusion, in addition to the millions of children, nearly another million Iraqi citizens have died. Is this not state sponsored terrorism by our own government? Is this not provocation?

President Bush and other government officials have continually denied that the terrorist attacks of September 11th were provoked. What they are doing is out right lying to us to cover up the truth. The Zionists have used America as its bullyboy, and there are a lot of people not too happy about it. $3.5 billion is given away by the Federal government to the State of Isreal annually as standard practice, not much changed with Bush in office, we now give an unprecedented $10 million every day, not to mention the occasional loan that won't be repaid, and the weapons technology, technology that they will pass along to their good bedfellow, the Red Chinese. We give the Isrealis money and weapons, and they terrorize their neighbors. If we were really fighting a war against terrorism, we should be dropping the bombs on Tel Aviv as well. Instead we are supporting a terrorist state, a state whose own Prime Minister, might I mention, Ariel Sharon, has been indicted for crimes against humanity in Belgium.

Our governments campaign against terrorism is a double standard; by supporting the Zionists we in turn support a terrorist entity. The Zionists are terrorists, and have many terrorist organizations. One notable terrorist group harbored by the Zionists is Mossad, under the guise of being an intelligence agency. In 1963 two members of this organization were arrested in Switzerland for intimidating a key scientist in the Egyptian missile program. In July of 1973 agents killed a Moroccan waiter in Norway in an attempt to avenge the deaths of several athletes killed at the 1972 Olympic Games. Several of the agents are still serving time in a Norwegian prison for their crimes. More recently, on September 25, 1997, in a failed attempt to assassinate Hamas official Khaled Meshaal in Amman, Jordan, two agents were arrested, however, were later released in exchange for Sheik Ahmed Yassin, a key Hamas leader.

There are more terrorist organizations sponsored by the Zionists: Shin Bet for instance. According to an August 8, 1996 Reuters article, Shin Bet member Ehud Yatom admitted to crushing the skulls of Subhi and Majdi Abu-Jamya with a stone a decade previous. The article states that “Yatom shocked Israel in July by giving the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper a graphic description of the double murder of two Palestinian bus hijackers 12 years ago…The pair were captured in a 1984 raid on an Israeli bus they and two other Palestinians had hijacked. The other two hijackers were killed in the raid along with an Israeli woman. Shin Bet officials said at the time Subhi and Majdi died in custody of their wounds but an Israeli newspaper published pictures of the two being taken from the scene unhurt. Yatom, however, admitted to the crime, the article goes on to say, “…he killed the hijackers at the instruction of then Shin Bet chief Avraham Shalom and was proud of his actions.” The incident forced the resignation of Shalom, but he, Yatom, and others involved were pardoned for their crimes. Remember the incident involving the death of a Palestinian Boy named Mohammed Al-Durrah? He was shot to death by four rounds from Jewish troops. His father held him, and was shoot as well, and when the ambulance showed up to help, they shot and killed one paramedic, and wounded the other! I suppose they just felt it was good target practice, but I see this as another act of state sponsored terrorism, and in the Zionist Occupation State, this isn’t in the least bit unusual.

The Jews now have a habit of seeking out suspected terrorists without trial and assassinating them. I recall one instance when a suspected Palestinian terrorist was hiding out in a village in the West Bank. Without even giving him the chance to surrender, tanks moved around the village and shelled it to Kingdom Come. Now, some in our own government have suggested the idea of assassination of enemy leaders. Throughout western history, it has generally been unacceptable for governments to go about assassinating individuals. Warring parties treated each other with a certain degree of chivalrous behavior. Until recently that was the tradition. Then the code of proper conduct in war gave way to the code of Jewish supremacy. After the Second World War they rounded up suspected war criminals in Germany, threw a show trial in Nuremberg, and hanged many of them afterwards. Not only was it the leaders and generals that were hanged, but “thought criminals”. German publisher Julius Streicher did not play any major leadership role in Germany, but because they made some “not-so-kosher” comments about the activities of the Jews prior to the war, he was hanged. Now our government today is contemplating a continuation of that tradition. We have been hearing comments suggesting ground forces storm into Iraq and assassinate Saddam Hussein and similar comments about other nations and their leaders suspected of housing terrorists. This is an unacceptable way of waging war. This is the Zionists’ way a waging war. If we participate in these kinds of actions, it will only exacerbate the sentiment of more individuals.

Historically, the United States has always had a policy of protecting the Jews. Most Americans believe that the United States entered the war against Germany and Italy to “protect democracy and safeguard our freedoms”, and the British, to protect its allies (namely Poland) from oppression”. But to defeat the Nazis, we made a deal with the devil and collaborated with Soviets. At this time the Soviets under Lazar Kagonovich, Stalin’s chief mass-murderer, had already butchered some 16 million Christians in Ukraine. After the war, we allowed the whole of Eastern Europe (including Poland) to be swallowed up under communist oppression. By the fall of the Soviet Union, some 100 million civilians had been killed. Still we believe that the Second World War was about “defending democracy”. What it was really about was making Europe safe for the Jews, just as the war against Afghanistan is about making the Middle East safe for the Zionists. It is all part of a long-term plan for the creation of a New World Order.

Despite the Zionist Occupation State’s continued participation in terrorist activities, our government continues to support them whole-heartedly. By selling aircraft, tanks, and munitions to them, they only encourage their activities. These weapons are used to terrorize Palestinians and other neighboring states. They kill innocent civilians and destroy their homes. In that regard, our government has taken an active role in oppressing these people. They have been pushed into a corner and many of them are fighting back.

How can the American public support a terrorist state? There are obviously very powerful lobbyists at work, especially when one considers the attack by the Zionists against our an American warship! During the Six-Day War the American Intelligence Ship, U.S.S. Liberty was attacked by Zionist aircraft and motor boats for a period of about 75 minutes. The result was thirty-four dead and 171 wounded. According to the U.S.S. liberty website, “The attack has been a matter of controversy ever since. Survivors and many key government officials including Secretary of State Dean Rusk and former JCS Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer say it was no accident. Israel and its supporters insist it was a ‘tragic case of misidentification’ and charge that the survivors are either lying or too emotionally involved to see the truth.” The Zionists claim that it was mistaken for the Egyptian ship El Quseir blaming lack of a flag an situation in a war zone for the attack. This is completely false, the ship was in international waters, and a clean, brand new flag was flown, its now on display at the National Cryptologic Museum, Fort Meade, Maryland. So why was one of our own ships attacked? It appears as if this war crime was intended to cover up another war crime. Historian Gabby Bron wrote about the execution of Egyptian prisoners on the morning of June 8, 1967, in the Sinai town of El Arish. "I watched as one man dug a hole for about 15 minutes," Bron wrote. "Afterwards, the policeman told him to throw the shovel away, and then one of them leveled an Uzi at him and shot two short bursts, each of three or four bullets." Over a thousand Egyptian soldiers were forced to dig their own graves, compelled to their knees and shot. At the time of this event, the Liberty was only thirteen miles away, close enough to see a mosque with the naked eye. Perhaps they were close enough to hear radio messages revealing the crime. The seriousness of a war crime could significantly damage relationships with the United States, so thus conceived was a plan to attack the ship, and then claim it was a mistake afterwards. President Bush wants to wage war on terrorism, so why do we still ally ourselves with the Zionists?

Despite the terrorist campaigns of the Zionist Occupation State in Palestine, do not expect them to fall on Mr. Bush’s list of states sponsoring or harboring terrorists. We will continue to finance its activities and giving them a helping hand. Government officials have been hinting for a while about continuing the war. The Jewish Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, has suggested, after Afghanistan, Iraq is a possible second target, and Iran, Syria and Lebanon may follow. Talk of targeting Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Mauritania is also brewing. These nations so far, have not been connected to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, nor to the anthrax cases, yet a future war has already been suggested. Do not be surprised when we are told it is to “safeguard our freedoms”. Do not be surprised if that provokes even more terrorist attacks against us. The only way to stop the terrorism is to stop provoking it, the only way to do that is to stop letting our country be used by the Jews, an alien people whose only concern is themselves.

The government knows it is acting against the well-being of its people. They know that America has been used to further the Jews plan for a New World Order. They will not mention the truth, because they have betrayed their own people. If it revealed to us why we were attacked, they would have to reveal the non-American interests of its foreign policy, having revealed that, they would have to answer to why. Answering to why would expose the corruptness of the government and the media, and the overwhelming power and influence of the Anti-Christ Jewish lobby and its calibrators. It is nothing more than a blatant lie to shield us from the truth, truth that could easily incite another revolution. They may not answer to us now, but there will come a time when they will stand before the Lord on Judgment Day.

The horrible terrorist attacks against American civilians on four aircraft; in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is a direct result of current foreign policy. The current policies around the world are overseas efforts that, in turn, intimidate other nations and peoples and incite violence. These policies serve Jewish interests, not American interests. Far too many of our citizens and leaders are afraid to stand up against what is provoking this violence for fear of being called “anti-semitic; after all, they say, how can one raise their voice against “God’s Chosen People”? I am not afraid to speak out. I will be damned if I am to sit here and let my country turn into a police state of fear and chaos simply because of the lack of responsibility of the Jews and their sympathizers. I will not accept the lies that this was unprovoked. Before we go fighting the war of terrorism abroad, we must seek out the root of the problem here at home. If we do not, the problem will only quickly worsen.

The evidence is superficial; the Jews are using America to fight their wars. If we continue a destructive foreign policy, if we continue aiding the establishment of other puppet-states, if we continue in accepting their lies, then we loose our freedom for the sake of Zionist hegemony, then, one by one, nation-states will fall and the Jews in Palestine will rule the world. We have entered the era of Pax Judeaca. Let’s not surrender our sovereignty to the New World Order. If we give in today, the whole of humanity will die out tomorrow. Therefore, in fighting the Zionist plague we are defending the handiwork of the Almighty Creator.