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by Cale David Reed

Dear fellow Christian,

One thing that bothers me is that I find that some of the most die-hard supporters of the Zionist Occupation State are individuals who consider themselves “Christian conservatives”. I find it quite pathetic that so much of today’s “Christians” support the Jews and their actions in Palestine.

The Jews have brainwashed the Christian public into believing lies. I John 2:22, “Who is the liar, except he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?” The Churches spread the word that the Jews are the Chosen Race of God, and they are the Israelites of Scripture. Hence support of the Zionists from the so-called “Christian-Right”. These Judeo-Christians actually believe that the Almighty Creator gave the land of Israel to the Jews! The truth of the matter is that the bulk of modern Jewry has absolutely no connection to the scriptural Israelites. History and Archeology has proved that they are nothing more than remnants of the ancient Turkic Kingdom of Khazaria that became extinct about six hundred years after the death of Christ. The churches themselves have been corrupted so much, that this fact has been labeled “un-Christian” thought.

So, I ask this: Why should we support the Zionists? Why should we support the people who have a spiritual connection to those who claimed responsibility for killing our Lord, Jesus Christ; why should we support a people responsible for the deaths of 40 million Christians in the Soviet Empire; why should we use “Christianity” as an excuse to back individuals that deny Christ and have done everything to destroy Christianity?

I think now is a good time that all Judeo-Christians who think they believe in Christ should rethink their position on Palestine. It is time that we stop prioritizing the Zionists. Know this: those who preach Judeo-Christianity are false prophets. The Scriptures tell us that the seed of Abraham will become lost, but a redeemer will come to save them; his seed shall be many, and become many nations that will be great and powerful. These Israelites will no longer be called Israel “but in the name of Isaac they shall be called”. There would be a re-gathering ground of the lost tribes of Israel across the great river, there, Christ will return. Do the Jews fit any of this? Certainly the nations in most of Europe, and the nations overseas descended from have historically been greatest and most powerful. The people of these nations are often called Saxons, a term derived from Sacae, literally meaning tribe of Sac, or Sons of Sac, could this be a variation in the name Isaac? (Even some tribes of Israel’s’ names are still with us today. For example, Denmark is inhabited by Danes. Dane comes from Norse Danr and Middle English Dan. Dan was a tribe of Israel!) The re-gathering ground across a great river could only be America! America is the New Jerusalem; it is here that Christ will set up his Kingdom on earth!

Despite historical, archeological and prophetical proof in Europe’s Israelite heritage, so-called “Christian conservatives” still believe lies. In believing that Jews are the scriptural Israelites, they support whatever the Zionists do. They believe that murdering Palestinians, intimidating neighboring nations, and engaging in terrorism, and using the America to back them is God’s will, because they are his “chosen people”. It is time that we stop buying into these false teachings and change our view of the Zionist Occupation State in Palestine. Remember, they call their nation “the State of Israel”, but the true Israelites no longer call themselves Israel, but “in the name of Isaac, they shall be called”. Defending the Zionists should not be a top foreign policy priority. Lets think what our top priority should be. We should be defending our own!

Hail Christ's Victory!

Cale Reed