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a note to all site visitors from the webmaster

Dear visitor,

Many liberals and multiculturalists have labeled me a "hater". They believe that my personal views on Zionism, equality, race mixing, and the Bible are "hateful".

This is what I have to say in response, I am not a hater, my goal is to simply speak the truth. I never comment on anything I believe is false, everything I publish on my webpage is truthful. If there is ever a case where I find I was mistaken, I will correct it, and make note of the correction where applicable. Sometimes stating truth crosses the lines of political-correctness, this is where people have their misunderstandings about me.

For example:

1) I do not believe in the doctrine of equality. Differences exist between all of us, not only in races, but in individuals as well. Some people have superior qualities, and this sometimes follows racial lines. This is a fact. This does not mean I "hate" Negroes, or any other minority; differances that exist by nature.

2) I do not support Zionism or Jewish Talmudism. Zionism is a Jewish supremacist movement dedicated to "Israel" and the hegemony of the Jewish people. It seeks to create a New World Order in order to further the power of the Jews and "Israel". Talmudism is a perverse religion. It emphasizes the supremacy of the Jewish people, hatred of non-Jews, hatred of Christianity and lude sexual references. I do not "hate" Jews, I am opposed to their conrol of the media, and influence in the government and its policies.

3) I do not believe in miscegenation. Mixing of the races is not only genocidal the White race, but all races involved. I believe that God created all the life on this world through an evolutionary process. I believe that the mixing of the various races that have evolved in separate directions for hundreds of thousands of years, in turn, reverses evolution. The Bible makes many references against race mixing, it is forbidden by God. All of this said, it is my belief that mixing of the races is contrary to God's will.

4) Much of the criticism I get is from Christians. I am a Christian, but I get many hateful remarks from those of them that believe the Jews are God's chosen race. It has been historically proven that the bulk of modern Jewry (called Ashkenazi) are the remnants of the Kingdom of Khazaria, whose citizens were converted by Edomite Jews about 600 years after the death of Christ. The invading Rus and Mongols dispersed them into Eastern Europe.

No, I am a not a hater. This term has become more of a buzzword these days then anything else. I do not endorse any acts of violence against Negroes, Jews, or any other minority. I firmly believe that any unprovoked criminal acts against these people are wrong and is only damaging to what we stand for.

Racial Consciousness does not mean hate!

Hail Christ's Victory!

Cale Reed